The University High School was established in 1913, eight years after the institution, then known as the Jaro Industrial School was founded by the Reverend William O. Valentine, who also served as its principal. Upholding its guiding principles of the dignity of labor, scholastic excellence, Christian faith and ideals, and democracy in practice, the school had offered as it does now, opportunities to students who are willing and eager to work for their education.

The first year of the high school was opened in school year 1915-1916, with fifty-eight students enrolled. Of these, fifty - six stayed throughout the year. In 1916-1917, the second year of the high school was added and the girls were allowed to enroll. Henry W. Munger served as acting principal from 1916-1917 followed by another acting principal Mary Thomas in 1017-1918. The third year was added in 1919 and fourth year in 1920. At the first high school commencement in March 1921, seventeen students graduated. Dr. Alton E. Bigelow (1918-1922) was the Principal at that year, followed by Dr. Harland F. Stuart. The first Filipino appointed principal was Mr. Pedro Rio, 1928-1929. The enrollment continued to rise gradually until the outbreak of the World War II in 1940. Mr. Eleuterio D. Plagata was principal from 1938-1941, then resumed from 1946-1965. After the war and until the present time the enrollment has soared to unprecedented heights.

The University High School is an accredited high school. The accreditation status was awarded by the Association of Christian Schools and Colleges(ACSC) in 1978. It was also assisted by the EDPITAF (Educational Development Projects Implementing Task Force). CPU High School is the only private school in Western Visayas to get such assistance from EDPITAF. In those years, the first Filipina Principal, Miss Nona S. Dominado, 1966-1967, was at the helm. In 2000, a Five-year reaccredited status of level II was again awarded to the University high school.

The CPU Development High School was chosen as one of the fifteen Network High Schools in the Philippines and served as divisional leader school of the Engineering and Science Education Project (ESEP) to implement instructional leadership in science education. This selection was made by the Science Education Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in cooperation with the Department of Education, Culture and Sports. Consequently, Special Science Classes were created from first year to fourth year. School year 1997- 1998 graduated the first batch of Special Science Class students with Prof. Elizabeth Gorospe as the Acting Principal (1997-1999). 1999-2001, Prof. Jerry Madayag was appointed principal. He was succeeded by Dr. Nelson A. Pomado, a former faculty member of the High School Department (1970-1987), and Dean of the College of Education (1997-2001), who was appointed Principal in June 2001.

Through the years, the University High School has lived up to its tradition of excellence as shown in its outstanding performance in the academics and the arts. It always strives to work towards developing its students spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, and physically according to the divine plan of the Master Teacher.