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   College of Agriculture
Research and Extension Activities

Some of the notable contributions of the College in local and national research and development are as follows:

1) Cooperation with the former Philippine Seed Board (now Philippine Rice Research    Institute) since 1954 in rice varietal trial);
2) Participation as a member of the PhilRice Seed Production Network;
3) Recognition of research efforts in Western Visayas by conducting the Annual Regional    Research Symposium which was initiated in 1979 in cooperation with the Department of    Agriculture Region 6 and later with Western Visayas Agriculture and Resources    Research and Development Consortium (WESVARRDEC). A total of 15 symposia were    held since then;
4) Support of development programs that improve the life of people in the community    through its outreach programs. This is accomplished through its CPUCA Extension    Services (CAES), which offer instructional resource development, swine-chain program,    community development program, and transfer of technology;
5) Development of several machines and farm equipment of one of its faculty members,    which won him several national awards, attracted the attention of commercial and    government agencies all over the Philippines and other countries of the world; and
6) Collaborative RDE activities with the Western Visayas Agricultural and Resources    Research and Development Consortium (WESVARRDEC) and the Western Visayas    Regional RDE Network.

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