CPU Alumni TV Channel. CPU Alumni TV     Channel. The launching of CPU Alumni     Channel, the only university–based cable TV     channel in Asia, is one big leap in upholding     the university’s standard in quality education                                                           through the use of mass media.
A memorandum of agreement was made between CPU, represented by Dr. Juanito Acanto and Atty. Joshua Alim and Sky–Sun Cable represented by Ms. Glynda Descuatan, Area Ancillary Manager for Visayas of Sky Cable-Pilipino Cable Corporation.

CPU Alumni Channel, which was then EXCEL TV, was first launched in Sun Cable Systems in 2001. It was later transferred to Cable Star, Inc. during CPU’s Centennial Year in 2005, then went back to its original home, now the Sky–Sun Cable.

Beautifying the Gates and Fence in Front of the Campus. With the help of successful alumni here and abroad, the front gates and fence were reconstructed and repainted into a very beautiful and attractive edifice. The donors by span are the CPUAA-Aloha Chapter, CPUAA Michigan & Windsor Chapter, Mrs. Gladys Pearl Gico-Hubalde, and Ms. Celedonia Sarabia.

Transfer of All Agricultural Facilities to Zarraga Farm and Improvement of the Farm. Agricultural facilities that serve as laboratory and equipments for Agriculture students in the campus were all transferred to Zarraga farm owned by CPU, including farm animals such as, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, cows, among others. These animals are now enjoying their stay at the farm in newly constructed animal houses worth millions of pesos. These new facilities include, a warehouse, faculty and staff quarter, new and efficiently designed goat house, swine house, chicken house, cattle and carabao house, a windmill, a Crop Research Laboratory, and even a biogas digester tank. The front fence, driveway and gate were also face lifted.

Alumni Promenade-Concert Park. Standing on the site of the Rose Memorial that was ravaged by fire in February 16, 1991 is the Alumni Promenade-Concert Park. The CPU Alumni Association, Inc. funded the construction of the Promenade. Through a memorandum of agreement, CPUAAI transferred its ownership, possession and maintenance to CPU. The unique cylindrical roofing and wall-less structure makes it an ideal concert park and venue for other cultural activities and University functions. It is strategically located at the center of all other University structures. It also doubles as study area.

Alumni Garden. This garden is a special structure that the CPU Administration built to honor and recognize the active role of all alumni in the growth and development of the University.

Gazebos. There are twelve of them as of February 26, 2007, individually donated by CPU alumni and their family. They are favorite places for hang-out, rest and even serve as dinning and snack areas.