CPU University Church holds service in Bingawan

Keziah G. Huelar

The UC Praise Team led the worship service.

Following the program of the 2nd Bingawan-CPU Day in the Municipality of Bingawan, the CPU University Church held a service to celebrate the faithfulness and goodness of the Lord in the lives of the Bingawanons at the Bingawan Civic Center on June 20, 2018.

The praise and worship was led by UC Praise Team, followed by the message given by Rev. Cris Amorsolo V. Sian, Senior Pastor, University Church. Rev. Sian anchored his message on Isaiah 40:27-31, which talks about the strength and faithfulness of the Lord, “It’s always good to be reminded of our legacy and heritage as a people of God. The municipality’s theme in their 49th founding anniversary is courageous to face change. We believe and know that change is inevitable. There are changes that are for the good and there are also changes that challenge us.”

Rev. Sian talked about the prophecy revealed to King Hezekiah after he was visited by envoys from Babylon. The prophet Isaiah told King Hezekiah that a time will come when everything in his palace and all that his predecessors have stored up will be taken to Babylon, “Under the impact of this crushing prophecy, a lot of Israelites became afraid. Like the Israelites, we also experience concern and worry over an unexpected storm or challenge that may come along our lives. After a few years, prophet Isaiah’s words came true.”

However in such an event, the Lord reminded Israelites, also through the prophet Isaiah, of the truth of the God that they serve. “There is a tendency for us to magnify our fears, to magnify our problems rather than to focus on the goodness and greatness of God in our lives, Isaiah reminded them on who they believed in. Isaiah told the Israelites that God knew their situation. He knows – to a people tempted to be impatient, forgetful and of little faith, Isaiah said: Why do you say that my way is hidden from the Lord? And my just claim is passed over from by my God? How could you make such a reckless charge against God?”

Rev. Cris Amorsolo V. Sian, Senior Pastor, University Church, encouraged the Bingawanons to remember their legacy in the Lord.

Prophet Isaiah encouraged the Israelites that the God they serve is faithful and persevering. “Prophet Isaiah said: Have you not known? Have you not heard that the everlasting God whom you serve, the Lord the Creator of all the ends of the earth faints not, and neither is weary. He is aware of that which befalls His people from day to day. Not only in the national and international scenario, God knows and fathoms what is going on in our personal life.”

Rev. Sian goes on to say that God is aware of our fears, He is aware of what we are going through. “God is there, the Lord knows the way of the righteous as mentioned in Psalm Chapter 1:6. The despondency of Israel was widespread and in the midst of them forgetting about the goodness of the Lord, the prophet Isaiah reminded them once again and their conscience was prick. Your ways are not hidden from the Lord, He knows your struggles. Not only does our God know. He cares. He is able. He is capable of rescuing you from the pits of despair, He is doing something.”

According to Rev. Sian, one of the frailties of men which is futile is that we project our weaknesses and limitation to the Lord, as if the Lord is like us. “Prophet Isaiah tells us that we figure wrong. There is a vastness about the rich and depth of God’s power that is overwhelming and is impossible for us to fathom. He is able to rescue to you regardless of your circumstances. Not only does our God not lack in strength, He gives power to the weak and for those who have no might He increases strength. The youth take pride in their strength but what like prophet Isaiah said even if the youth will faint and be weary but those who wait on the Lord will renew shall renew their strength.”

His message ended with the affirmation that God, who is the foundation of CPU and of the Municipality of Bingawan knows, is able and is ever-present to renew the strength of those who wait on Him, “The people of Israel felt hopeless. But history tells us that the Babylonian empire fell and the Assyrian King who took over was benevolent to Israel. God did something politically to rescue them. Our lives, our hometown, our university is founded in faith in God. Regardless of the change coming our way as long as we don’t reject God, He will always be with us. Our courage to face change does not come from our own abilities and expertise but from our faith in God.”

The service ended with the singing of “10,000 Reasons” and the closing prayer.