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Calendar of Activities
Collegiate Calendar
High School Calendar
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Self Evaluation Document
CMO No. 15
CMO No. 16


What is ETEEAP
Mission and Vision
List of Deputized HEIs
Assessment Procedure
Data/Information Requirements from Deputized HEIs
Application Form
Data Gathering Instrument
Evaluation Checklist for Institutional Capability
Monitoring Checklist for Deputized HEIs
Pre-Application Form


CMO-49 Review Center
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Quality Manual

Quality Manual Content Revised
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix F
Appendix G
Appendix H

Quality Management General Procedures Manual

Quality Management General Procedures Manual

Definition and Communication of Responsibility and Authority
Determination of Statutory and Regulatory Requirements
Establishment Cascading and Review of Quality Policy and Objectives
Management Review Board
Management Review Procedures
Office of the Board of Trustess Function and Responsibilities
Procedures Writer+s Guide

Document Control

Control of Document
Control of Records
Record Matrix
The Document Control Team

Continual Improvement

Corrective Action
Internal Quality Audit
Internal Quality Audit Team
Preventive Action and Continual Improvement

Academic Procedures Manual

Design and Development of Curriculum
Guidelines for Credit Transfer Program (TESDA Registered)
Orientation of Students
Placement of Graduates
Policies and Procedures for Student Enrollment
Procedure on Tutorial Classes and Independent Studies
Syllabus Minimum Content

Administrative Manual*

Campus Beautification
Control and Calibration of Monitoring and Measuring Devices
Guidelines for Construction Manageme
Inspection of Buildings and Facilities
List of Qualified Bidders
Maintenance of Communication Services
Maintenance of Building and Workspace
Maintenance of Grounds
Maintenance of Transportation
Maintenance Shop Procedure
Physical Facilities
Preventive Maintenance Program for Power House
Project Management
Powerhouse Operation Procedure during Mains
Safety and Security Procedure
Security Agency Evaluation 
Work Study Program

Finance and Enterprise

Accreditation and Evaluation of Suppliers
Closing of Financial Book
Codes of Units and Other Entities
CPU Accounts Coding Scheme
Donations and endorsements
Preparation of the Budget
Purchasing Guidelines

Human Resource Development Procedure Manual*

Central Philippine University HIV / AIDS Program in the Workplace
Drug - Free Workplace Program Policy
Evaluation of Personnel Competence
Maintenance of Personnel Record

Measurement of Personnel Satisfaction

Orientation of New Personnel
Policies and Procedures for Recruitment and Hiring of University Church Personnel
Policies and Procedures for Recruitment and Hiring of Job Orders
Selection and Evaluation of External Trainers
Training to Bridge Competence Gaps

Student Affairs Manual *

Handling of Student Feedback
Measurement of Student Satisfaction