Qualifiers for the Work Students Scholarships for SY 2016-2017



Qualifiers for the Work Students Scholarships for SY 2016-2017:


a)    Filipino-Australian Foundation of Queensland, Inc. (FAFQI) – P5,000.00 cash award



Province                                Name                                      Course/Year

  1. Antique                           Magno, Angel Joy D                  BS AT 3
  2. Capiz                              Gerapista, Rochel Joy T            BSBA BM 3
  3. Guimaras                        Garde, Jeanette G                    BS AT 3
  4. Iloilo                               Guilamo, Ciarra G                    BSBA BM 3
  5. Iloilo City                         Salditos, Jeanny Pearl J           BSBA BM 3
  6. Negros Occidental             Santillan, Sheila D                   BS SW 3
  7. CARES                             Salivio, Lester John J               BS A 3


  • Individual Donors Solicited by FAFQI     


Ludie Taculod Brett

  1. Estrevencion, Ma. Roisa S    BSBA FM 3


Carl Desacola and Emele Bulewa

  1. Cordero, Judy Ann D              BSBA FM 3
  2. Sumampone, Klyn S              BSBA FM 3
  3. Garzon, Tisha Claire B           BSBA FM 3
  4. Quitor, Eunice M                    BSBA FM 3
  5. Salibio, Jonalyn R                  BS SW 3
  6. Guilaran, Caren Jell T            BSBA BM 3
  7. Braña, Crystal Mae M            BSBA MM 2
  8. Barroa, Analiza J                  BSBA FM 3
  9. Eraula, Jason L                     BSBA MM 3
  10. Bantillo, Joerence T              BSBA BM 3
  11. Galuyo, Ellen Mae G              BSBA BM 3    


b)    Ilonggo Association of Victoria, Inc. (IAVI) – P5,000.00 cash award each

  1. Abaldo, Grace Lyn                 BSBA BM 3
  2. Anotado, Rose Jane               BSBA BM 2
  3. Buaron, Jenny Rose C           BSBA FM  3
  4. Cordero, Hershey A              BEED Z     3
  5. Eduria, Michelle S                  BSBA FM  3
  6. Erfe, Leonance D                   BSBA BM 3
  7. Fernandez, Jonah D              BEED Z     3
  8. Fuertes, Michael                    BS PkgE    3
  9. Hitalia, Vincent Paul              BSBA BM 3
  10. Madera, Artchel                     BSBA BM 3


  • Individual Donors Solicited by IAVI        


Jennifer Yunsay Welk

  1. Palmes, Mary Jane R             BSBA MM      2


Jack F. Moffatt

  1. Rebato, Ruben B Jr               BSEd B      3


Gloria Kerr

  1. Teruel, Ma. Jenina Faith T    BSAT         3


Mrs. Chona Meman

  1. Ventura, Pamela                    BSBA BM 3


Mrs. Aurelia Q. Cerdana

  1. Yocogco, Epiphany G            BSBA FM 3


Mrs. Marigold Espiga

  1. Loria, Marie M                       BSEd S     3  


Jonathan & Michelle Espiga

  1. Talagon, Aira T                      BSSW       3  


Harvey and Alison Gabo

  1. Gadot, Jotham A                    BS IT        3  


St. Peter’s Chanel Parish Church

  1. Ticzon, Grace                         BS Psych  3  


Claritian Missionaries of Melbourne, Australia

  1. Tubesa, Gerardo J                 BSBA MM      3       



Attention: All Qualified Recipients for the FAFQI and IAVI Scholarships


Please do the following:


  1. Write a thank you letter to your respective donors c/o FAFQI and IAVI respectively.
  2. Write your life story with this information at the top portion of the paper:


                        PERSONAL PROFILE



            Course & Year:         



            Office Assigned:        

            Nature of Work:                               

            Number of Siblings: 

            Father’s Name:         


            Mother’s Name:                                




  1. Submit a hard copy of these documents with your 2x2 picture on or before Monday, January 16, 2017 at the Student Development and Programs and a soft copy of these documents via email: margenjava@yahoo.com.


  1.  Attend the Scholarship Awarding Ceremony on Monday, January 23, 2017, 7:00 A.M.  at the Educational Media Center. Bring three (3) work student-classmates and friends to also attend the program.  Be there at the EMC by 6:45 A.M.


For more information and query, please visit the office. Telephone queries will not be entertained.