CPU Holds 5 White Gift Services

The gift of giving – with the aim of encouraging Centralians to be cheerful givers this Christmas, Central Philippine University held white gift services for its Kindergarten, Elementary, High School, College Departments and university faculty and staff at the University Church on December 12-16, 2016 respectively.

College departments offer their white gifts.

In the CPU Elementary School white gift service held on the 13th – Ms. Susan Herga, Asst. Principal encouraged young Centralians to be thankful for the gifts they will receive this Christmas most especially the love of Christ which is the reason for the season. “I know all of you will be receiving beautiful gifts from your loved ones this Christmas but greatest and most priceless gift is Jesus Christ, because of Him we have eternal life – because of Him we have Christmas.”

Jaro Evangelical Church Choir performs Christmas Songs at the University White Gift Service.

For the Litany of Thanksgiving, 2 Corinthians 9:11-15 was read.  The verse emphasizes that God blesses us in every way so that we share what we have with others so that they too will have a heart of thanksgiving unto the Lord.

Guest Speaker, Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on shared the story of Artaban who is said to be the fourth wise man. Artaban traveled with the three wise men to meet Jesus and to give Him his three gifts, he however encountered a hungry man, a helpless mother and a slave – he left himself behind to help them. After 33 years, he finally found the Lord Jesus Christ hanging on the cross. Emptied of his gifts, Artaban apologized to the Lord saying he has nothing to give. The Lord then replied that he has received all his gifts when he assisted those who asked for his help. The story of Artaban is a reminder that we give to God when we give to others.

The gift of giving, young Centralians eagerly place their white gifts in the church stage.

During the university faculty and staff white gift service, University President, Dr. Teodoro C. Robles reminded everyone that Christmas was a time to reach out to others. “Christmas is also a time of loving and giving. Now is the time to reach out to others with love and concern. We do not need disasters or calamities and harsh reminders to activate the spirit of loving and giving. If we truly have the Christ of Christmas in our hearts, then our everyday lives will be channels of blessing to those who are in need emotionally, materially, physically and most importantly, spiritually.”

For “Christmas Speaks To Me Message”, Prof. Dany Molina – Dean, College of Engineering shared that for his students Christmas a time when they feel that the Love of God is in the air. “I made a survey among the College of Engineering students asking them the first thing that comes into their minds when they think of Christmas, the top three answers were: Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, gift giving and Love is the air. True enough, all these things are reflective of the goodness and the reason of Christmas.”

God loves a cheerful giver - CPU Elementary School students offer their white gifts.

On the other hand, CPUR President, Mr. Troy Jayson Bajar accounted his most memorable and funny Christmas experience when his father cut down an Ipil-ipil tree and made it into a Christmas tree to satisfy the query of his brother on why they didn’t have a Christmas tree that year.

For the Christmas Message, Rev. Cris Amorsolo V. Sian reminded everyone that Christmas is a message of the Light of Christ – we Centralians must be bearers of God’s Light. “Who are the recipients of the Light of Jesus? Everyone, the message of His Light is for everyone and to those who have His light let us share it to others this Christmas.”

The services also included singing of Christmas melodies led by the Jaro Evangelical Choir, the Baptist Center Church Choir and the CPU University Church Choir and the giving of white gifts to be donated. The Centralian Christmas spirit is reflected in the white gift services not only as an expressed thanksgiving to the Lord but a realization that Centralians go beyond borders to help others in the season of giving.


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