Student Organization

Student Organizations

Students are encouraged to organize themselves to form a group that would enhance their desire for study. These organizations are categorized as: academic, fraternity/sorority, municipal/provincial/, religious, sports, culture and arts, and special organizations.

The Student Organization Committee (SOC) acts as the regulatory body for all student campus organizations. It approves the registration and supervises the activities of student campus organizations.

There is also a Foreign Students Organization. It assists the University to invite more foreign students to come and study at CPU.

Classification of Campus Organizations:

Academic organization - an organization that seeks to assist the advancement as well as broaden the academic proficiency of its members, in the field of study they choose to pursue.

Culture and arts organization - an organization established to assist and develop appreciation for culture, as well as foster artistic expression among its members and enhance appreciation for wholesome art.

Sports organization - an organization that develops interest in sports, and assists the University to train sport enthusiasts to improve their skills.

Religious campus organization - all religious organizations belonging to the evangelical faith that professes Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, acknowledge the Bible as the sole authority in matters of faith and conduct and live in accordance with the Christian principles.

Special organization - an organization not included in the above classification that believes in the vision and mission statements of Central Philippine University, and whose practices conforms to the Philippine Constitution, orders of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and other laws issued by the duly constituted authorities.